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The Most Cost-Effective Training Program For Keeping Your CPA Firm Secure
Your Questions Answered

1. Our tax software requires us to have password now. Doesn’t that mean we’re protected?

No. If an attacker gains access to a computer on your network, they can still exfiltrate your client data, capture screenshots of your desktop, and record keystrokes.

2. Our IT guy said we’re secure. Doesn’t that mean we’re protected?

That very may well be! But having technical security in place is only one component of keeping your data secure. Your staff still need the appropriate training to ensure they’re not the “weak link” in your firm’s security. All the technical protections in the world are wiped out if an employee gets deceived into clicking or opening something they shouldn’t. 

3. We already tell our staff not to click on anything in an email. Doesn't that mean we're protected?

The reality is your staff have to use email to communicate and that’s going to involve clicking links and opening attachments. So it’s really mot feasible to just tell them “not to click on anything” and hope for the best. They need real training so they can discern what is a real email and what is a phishing email. Even if you have a client drop-off portal, an attacker could just use that to send malicious files!

4. What happens after I signup?

After you signup, we’ll request the names and email addresses of your staff so we can run a baseline phishing test. Once we’ve established the baseline, we’ll notify them to start their 45-minute security training. Then, we’ll send monthly CPA-specific phishing emails based on real-world examples we’ve received and current events. We’ll also send monthly tips on security…

5. How will I be billed?

We will bill you annually based on the number of staff you have at the time. You may cancel anytime and we will not renew it again.

6. What if I add a staff member after I signup?

We will add them at no cost. At the next year’s renewal, we will update the price based on the number of staff you have at that time.

7. Do you offer any other services?

Yes! We do offer more in-depth technical security assessments as well as other solutions to CPA firms. Give us a call at (830) 265-4200 or email us at info@cpatechgroup.com to discuss.

8. Can I talk to a few references before buying?

Would our clients take the calls if I asked them? Absolutely. Would they give us rave reviews? Of course! Would this help us increase sales? Without a doubt.

HOWEVER, it is our policy to not give out our clients’ phone numbers and e-mail addresses. If we gave out our clients’ phone numbers to everyone who requested it, they would be barraged with dozens of calls. Would YOU do that to your clients? I would hope not! Just like you, they are extremely busy running their firm – and they don’t work for me.

9. What's your Money-Back Guarantee?

After enrolling, you have TWO MONTHS (60 days) to put the program to the test. If you aren’t convinced the training, tests, tips and other content are worth FAR MORE than what you paid to get access, simply ask and I’ll give you a full and complete refund. No hassles, no hoops to jump through, no risk!

What Some Of Our Clients Say: 

Highly Recommend”

“After going through the training, we were surprised at how much we learned. My staff now realize how important it is for them to take security seriously and to be vigilant on the web and in their inbox. They now report phishing emails promptly using the Outlook button! I highly recommend all CPA firms go through this training!”

Laura Cannon, Laura Cannon CPA

“I felt validated taking the training and learning to recognize these attacks when the owner of a CPA firm in our complex came by to warn us their whole office had been hit with ransomware and their computers were locked up.”

Eric Brink, Padgett Business Services

Our clients expect us to keep their information secure”

“In today’s cyber world, it is critical that we stay on top of everything that is happening with respect to securing information. Keeping our client’s information secure is of the utmost importance to us, and that requires keeping our staff up to date with the latest training. Without a doubt, the client’s expectation is that their information is secure – it’s up to us to keep it that way.”

Erin Anker, Phillips Anker PC

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